Plan for BIA of Ca
Brain Injury Association of California

This document represents an investigation of the services, resources, finances and steps involved in reconstituting a California Brain Injury Association.


A Brain Injury Organization that is to represent all the constituents of the State and be recognized by the National BIA would have to be a full (or nearly full) service organization.

Those seeking assistance from a BIA association would include:
  1. Individuals, diagnosed and undiagnosed with BI,
  2. Caregivers and supporters,
  3. Medical Practitioners,
  4. Medical Professional Organizations,
  5. Rehabilitation Practitioners, Professionals, and Organizations,
  6. California Legislators, and possibly
  7. Federal Legislators.
The wish list of all services and/or assistance that these entities would be seeking or could receive include:
  1. Individuals diagnosed and undiagnosed with BI,
    1. Looking for information,
      1. Looking for symptom(s) verification,
      2. Looking for self-treatment procedures,
      3. Looking for support groups, newsletters, and information sources.
    2. Seeking referrals to professionals
      1. Medical,
        1. Looking for doctor and facility references,
      2. References,
        1. Looking for Lawyers references,
        2. Looking for Mediators references,
        3. looking for Insurance Company Ombuspersons references,
      3. Governmental references,
        1. Looking for Government Program application assistance,
        2. Looking for legal representation assistance with Government services,
      4. Asking for help:
        1. Financial living,
        2. Program, Service, and/or benefit assistance,
          1. application assistance,
          2. mediation assistance,
          3. procedure assistance, and
          4. contact assistance.
        3. General assistance,
        4. Information assistance,
        5. Explanations and clarifications, and
        6. Out of home area assistance.
  2. Caregivers and supporters,
    1. Looking for information, see "individuals" above,
    2. Looking for caregivers or supporters support group,
    3. Seeking assistance with support efforts, and
    4. Seeking relief, respite, and acknowledgement.
  3. Matrices of patient's needs and care vs. services, professionals, organizations, programs,
    1. Patient care types:
      1. medical,
      2. cognitive,
      3. chiropractic,
      4. holistic,
      5. Zen,
      6. rehabilitation,
      7. vocational or occupational rehabilitation,
      8. disability, and
      9. veteran.
    2. procedure vs. medical/rehab/disability,
  4. Medical Practitioners,
    1. Wanting to list services and facilities,
    2. Wanting to locate practitioner of specific medical procedure,
    3. Seeking forum(s) for papers, trials, and speaking,
  5. Medical Professional Organizations,
    1. Wanting to list and advertise services and facilities,
  6. Cognitive Services Professionals, Organizations, and Programs,
  7. Vocation Services Professionals, Organizations and Programs,
  8. California Legislation and Legislators.
    1. Act as advisor and consultant to PACs, Law drafters, et. al.,
    2. Express needs and desires of TBI community as a special interest group,


The Stuff were gonna do:
  1. Handing out leaflets, branches, and trunks,
  2. Keeping a list of medical or recovery procedures,
  3. Answer phones,
  4. Man a hot line for emergencies,
  5. Hold meetings, (city, region and state),
  6. Operate a Ditto machine,
  7. Intercede with State Agencies to explain situations,
  8. Advertise, Advertise, Advertise,
  9. Forward brochures and information packs to:
    1. athletic trainers,
    2. sports rehabilitation services,
    3. at YSA (Youth Soccer Associations), at softball, at lacrosse, at rugby, at lawn bowling (bocce), et. al.,
    4. Sports program directors at high school and college.
    1. Brief description of injury and recovery needs,
    2. How to diagnose, several quick tests to determine if athlete should be referred to a doctor.
    3. Danger of successive occurrences,
    4. Game actions based on severity of injury during play,
      e.g., any player knocked out should not be allowed to return to play without an examination and 10-15 minute waiting period; any football player knocked out should not return to play in that game,
      Tiddly Winks players may always return to play but may be required to hold spouses or girl/guy-friend's hand.
  10. Solicit NFL Quarterback testimonials,
  11. Create, provide, maintain, and keep current an Internet Presence,
  12. Work with the BIAoUSA,
  13. Work with the BIAo(the other 49 States, territories, and -eh?),
  14. Encourage and assist in the formation of local BI support groups,
The following collateral pieces will be prepared:
  • How to pick a lawyer and watch him like an Eagle!
  • How to speak to a doctor, code words, phrases, and BI related terminology.
  • BI treatment lifecycle and Myths to watch out for.
  • SSDI application and process.
  • Pamphlets explaining typical BI treatments and recovery procedures.
  • BI timeline.
  • State and Federal Government Office and Program contact information in a tri-fold pamphlet.
    1. General contact information,
    2. Outlines of specific application processes and guidelines for requests, re-applications, appeal, etc.
  • Glasco Coma Index explained; or, concussion, Mild BI, Severe BI, Vegetable/Mineral/Soup.
  • BI Inventory.
  • BI Vocations:
      jobs to avoid,
      jobs to try.
  • Basic nutrition advice.
  • Drugs:
      typical BI drug protocols;
      how to deal with multiple doctors prescribing drugs
      to ensure conflict does not occur.
  • A checklist for things to watch for, post injury.
  • Internet site URLs and Computer s/w for BI.
  • Assistive Devices and Aids.
  • BI Rosetta Pamphlet: BI, diagnosis, treatment, and legal terms as they relate to BI.
      or, Dx, Rx, Px, Legalese?
  • Create guideline(s) on forming local support groups:
    1. How to form a group, startup package,
    2. State association support,
    3. Assistance with topic selection and arranging speakers,
    4. Referral of new members,
    5. State meetings for local group members,
    6. Newsletter of announcements and changes that local leaders should note to members,
ONLINE Resources:
  • BI Websites,
  • Newsletter and e-Lists,
  • Chatrooms and pen pals,
  • Chatroom Operation,
  • Print Resources and References,
  • Products and Sources, and
  • BI Journals (contemporary and non-contemporary autobiographies and journals).
Telephone Support:
  • Medical Locator,
  • Referral to government services offices, and
  • Hot Line Emergency Counselors.
Print Support:
  • Mail requested print matter,
  • Soliciting and compiling surveys of both BI and BI practitioners for activism and research,
  • Conversion services for script to print, and
  • Re-mailing services for practitioners and organizations wishing to contact BI individuals. Possible source of money, candy, or favors?
Information Warehousing:
  • Create and maintain BI statistics.
  • When requested and authorized, connect BI visiting and contact individuals/teams.
  • Maintain Services database,
    • cross indices of doctor, certification, programs.
    • Maintain treatment sources:
      • Medical,
      • CT,
      • PT,
      • OT,
      • VR,
      • abc/xyz, and
      • et. al.
    • Volunteer assistance Services,
    • et. al.
  • Create and maintain an Internet Website.


Operating Topics that need to be clarified:
  1. Office space requirements,
  2. Positions, titles, duties, and responsibilities,
  3. Salaries,
  4. Communications needs,
  5. Fixtures and Furniture,
  6. Environmental controls and services,
  7. Utility Services,
  8. Procedure manual (SOP),
  9. Information organization and retrieval,
    1. Database Schema,
    2. Retrieval software,
    3. Internet URL bookmarks,
  10. Computing needs,
    1. Drive types (3.5, zip, HD),( EIDE SCSI), (nn GB),
    2. OS,
    3. Desktop,
    4. Backup, UPS, contingency,
    5. firewall,
    6. supplies,
    7. software,


  1. Marketing Plan
    1. Sports and Youth,
    2. BI Professionals, Organizations, and Facilities,
    3. BI Groups, Affiliates, and independents,
    4. Legislative and Government Officials.
  2. Advertising Plan
    1. Sports and Youth,
      1. Mail guidelines, checklists, and other how to diagnose and treat injury documents,
      2. Forward newsletter of current developments, research, and related laws,
      3. Provide by sport summary of injury risks, and
      4. Other educational information.
    2. BI Professionals, Organizations, and Facilities,
      1. Quarterly Newsletter,
      2. Solicit referral, for fee,
    3. BI Groups, Affiliates, and Independents,
      1. Monthly newsletters, with...
        1. topics for discussion,
        2. "changes" announcements,
        3. Self-rehabilitation exercises, games, or puzzles,
        4. new findings and improved approaches.
    4. Legislative and Government Officials.


Possible sources of funding for the organization include:
  • Federal Grants and Support,
  • State Grants and Support,
  • Trusts,
  • Foundations,
  • Research organizations,
  • Lesko, and
  • Governmental Legislature(s), Offices of the President or Governor, and/or the Judicial Branch of Federal or California State Government.

  1. Start up:
    1. Office space (buy or own),
      • minimum, 600 sq. ft.
      • minimum, 1 room; better would be two rooms.
      • safe parking area, preferably free parking.
    2. Fixtures and furniture,
      1. Desk and chairs (x4),
      2. Office phones, 4 line phones with conference and intercom,
      3. Telephone Services, (4 telephone lines, 2 voice, 1 fax, 1 internet),
      4. High speed Internet connection,
      5. Filing cabinet (x2),
      6. Open paper organizer for collateral materials,
      7. Client Chairs (x4x2= 8),
      8. 3'x5' Dry-erase Whiteboard,
    3. Office Supplies and Equipment:
      1. Computer(s) (x2), MS Office or StarOffice
      2. Printer (duplex, 11x17),
      3. Desk supplies (stapler, tape, staple remover, organizer, handing folders),
      4. Fax machine and/or fax software,
      5. Wall Calendar, dry marker,
      6. Envelops in assorted sizes,
      7. Scanner,
      8. Homesite or Dreamweaver web page development s/w,
      9. Ditto machine,
    4. Operating:
      1. Telephone costs, (basic, time, long-distance),
      2. Internet costs, (ISP, Web hosting, Domain Name),
      3. Paper and printing costs,
      4. List Maintenance:
        "buying" practitioners and professionals lists,
      5. Website development and maintenance,
      6. Banking costs,
      7. Mailing postage, UPS, FedEx, and DHL,
      8. Errors and omissions Insurance; director and manager Insurance,
    5. One time:
      1. Office remodel,
      2. Filing Non-Profit incorporation,
      3. Application for National Affiliation,
      4. Bulk mailing permit and/or UPS Account deposit,
      5. Domain Name Registration,
      6. Internet Setup Costs,


Key Management Team Members

Legal form of Organization
    1. File Tax status,
    2. Name and elect officers,
    3. Specify a board of directors, and
    4. Create Corporation Records and Minutes.

Complete remaining legal and reporting requirements:
  1. Open a bank account,
  2. File a fictitious name announcement,
  3. File city, county, state licenses as required,
  4. apply for affiliate status with national organization,
  5. That other stuff I'm not thinking of at the moment.

Key Positions:

     Organizational Structure

     TBD (to be determined)