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Newlen Enterprises Mall is the Host to many small businesses.

IT Technicians and craftsmen are welcome to advertise here. Checkout the varied skills and crafts advertised below.

IT Consulting
Experienced consultants offer Information Technology Consulting services in a number of applications on varied platforms. Checkout the services advertised here!
  • Visual FoxPro Development
  • MS Access Development
  • MS Office Desktop Support
  • Web Mastering
  • Web Page Development
Our Arts include Parchment, Rosemauling, Folk Art, Artistic Floor Coverings, Wooden Canes, Turnings, Carvings & other items, Dollies, and Adult Bibs.
  • Kathy's Parchment Crafts
  • Alice's Folk Art
  • Kathryn's Artistic Floor Coverings
  • Tommy's Woodcraft
  • Kate's Needlecrafts
  • TBI Store
The Newlen family has a strong interest in its lineage. You will find family trees from four different family genealogists on this site. In addition to paternal surname tress there are many additional related families. Some sites include trees, history, stories, veterans memorials, and many other interesting facts about families who immigrated before The American Revolutionary War. There is a heavy German lineage to these trees.
Many lines of the Nouland, Newland, Newlen, Newlin families are included here. We are related to only a few of these families.
We have attempted to provide links to related information including, sources, histories, related researchers, etc.
  • Newlen / Newland
  • Tice
  • Busch
  • Fischer
  • Mattox
  • Kitely
McLane High School Alumni Classes
We have attempted to create a community for McLane High School Alumni Classes and Reunion Information. Basic Class history is presented to test your memory. The reunion committee contact and member information is summarized. Upcoming reunions are announced and as much contact and activity information as can be learned is maintained.
  • C.L.McLane Contact Information, Basic School History
  • Individual Class Information
    • Administration
    • Class Leaders
    • Key Class Atheletics
    • Senior Class List
  • Reunion Information
    • Reunion Committee
    • Contact Information
    • Reunion Memory Books
    • Any special information requested by class
  • Links to FUSD, Official McLane site, and other McLane Class or Instructor Sites
The special hobbies listed here are Steve Newlen's interest including: reading, collecting, and discussing SciFic & Fantasy; Woodworking Projects [craft boxes, tool boxes, jewerly boxes, etc.]; Stubenville, Ohio China; Tokay Pottery; and Writing Pen Collecting.

  • Woodcrafts
  • Pocketbook Collection
  • China
  • Tokay Pottery
  • Old Writing Pens
My opinions on science, mathematics, USA political commentary, and IT commentary.
And any other silly idea that pops into my head!

  • Opinions on:
    • Mathematics
    • IT Commentary
    • Political Commentary
    • Science
    • Random Musings
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