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We are skilled in the use of the industry's most powerful data conversion tool. We can transform your data quickly and accurately. Our broad experience also allows us to deal with unusual situations and data. E-mail us and ask about our conversion services. Or, check the 'from and to' lookup/locator below.

Whether it is an implementation, consolidation, or just upgrade we can move your accounting data from one accounting application to another.
Flat Files
Need a file conversion we can handle it. We can read your spreadsheets, ASCII files, EBCDIC, or "Whatever" and produce or update a new file for you.
We can move data out of a database or into a database. From a database to a database or from a file to a database, or visa versa! You tell us where it is now, then point where you want it to go. Stand back and watch us do it.
Data Conversion
Your data still on paper? We can enter it into a file that you can load. Your file on microfiche, well that's tougher, but give us a try. Got a stack of rubber checks to make into data, we can do it!
From and To Locator
Enter you data source and data target and see if we have done, or our software is ready to do it! We've been around chit buck and we've possibly done your job before.
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